Sunday 22 April 2012


We are proud to announce the latest development in the Estate Family Guilds lineage. Pro Skates is now our Exclusive Retailer in Halifax! 

  Pro Skates is a Legendary shop in Canada with over 25 years of experience in skatin' for Satan. I wasn't old enough to experience their first location on Quinpool; But I do have fond memories of the days when the griptape ball on Barrington grew from the size of a soccer ball, to so big that couldn't be rolled out the door; when the foosball table was introduced on Blowers and a lil gem of a film named "The Teeth Beneath"was created by Directors Jason Eisener and Zach Tovey; when there were 3 different stores affiliated under the Pro Skates name tag: Downtown, Uptown, and ProGirl; and finally when those 3 shops were put under one large roof at the current two storey location on Quinpool. 
  Since opening in 1986, the guys at Pro have literally been the cement in the Halifax skate scene. From the strip of pavement, the few rails, and a concrete slab on The Commons basketball courts, to the TKO indoor warehouse in the North End, to the first bowl in The Commons,  to the magnificent concrete park which currently resides on The Central Commons- none of which would have been possible without Pro Skates. 

  We have a few surprise collaboration projects being released through Pro for our upcoming Spring/Summer collection.   

  We would also like to take this opportunity to give a huge shout out to SoledOut Sneakers in Halifax for their help and support over the beginning stages of our brand.    


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