Friday 25 May 2012


Hey guys, last night we picked out the stock that we are going to have available at the HOTEL OCHO pop-up.  All of this seasons stock will be made avilable as we still have most sizes of everything. The only exception is the Roses Button-up, which minimal stock is available.  We also have select sizes of last seasons stock, which can be seen and purchased in our ONLINE SHOP aswell

But most importantly, we are pulling out of our deadstock vault one of my favourites, and an all around super tough t-shirt:  The Black As Hell tee.
We originally released this t-shirt as a package, but we held onto a couple of each size in the edition.  It was released as a SOLED OUT SNEAKERS exclusive last season, so this is Torontos first chance to purchase.  Th BLACK AS HELL t-shirt features a matte black hi-density print (thick and evil as a mother), with a screenprinted edition number on the inside tag. Only 13 in existance.  I wore this shit pretty much everyday last summer. 25 bucks at the show!

We will also be featuring the SAENCE POCKET SQUARE/HANDKERCHIEF.

We released this peice in an edition of 13 during a end of season sale.  We had a bunch of left overs after the edition, so well be giving these out with purchases at the POP UP, so ask us for them when you pick out your stuff.

All photos in this post were taken by Marshall Byrd Sterling

Hope you have a good friday! and see you all tonight at HOTEL OCHO


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