Sunday 27 May 2012


The Pop-Up Shop at Hotel Ocho was a huge success! This was our first ever Toronto Pop-Up experience and it was a great one to start with!

Photo: Mike Dolente

Thanks to everyone who rolled through on Friday. We had a super rad time introducing our brand to new faces and catching up with familiar faces!

Special shout outs to Giles and Derrick who organized the show. Thanks to Hotel Ocho for letting us occupy their space, and to Joey Freedom of Freedom Fighters Skateboards for sharing the space with us!
Music was provided by Local DJ's Pangea Delphi and Nick Fox.

We had a vision of making our display into a Dark Alter of sorts. Our friend Chris surprised us weeks ago with a broken headstone he purchased off a grave digger and kindly donated to us. We started with that single prop and began to build off of that. We screen printed our monogram logo on banners, table cloths, and table runners. We picked up some candles and borrowed a clothing rack. There was an antique dresser on the floor that fit perfectly into our display and really added to our 'alter'. Check out the photos to get a sense of the display!

The Alter

Back Table
Photo: Kaela Babstock

Photo: Kaela Babstock

Roses mental preperation
Photo: Mike Dolente

Photo: Kaela Babstock

Photo: Mike Dolente

Photo: Jessica Jerome

By the ende of the night Relic was reading palms


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