Friday 18 May 2012


This season we introduced something new. A cut and sewn button-up shirt. We started by drawing inspiration from work shirts provided as part of the uniform by the Navy. We took this traditional block and adapted it to our aesthetic.

We started by choosing our fabric, a woven black and white New Oxford cloth. Next, we drafted the pattern. We made a slimmer fit through the bodice, slightly extended the length of the entire garment, then chalked a bit of extra length on to the back. 

The entire design of this shirt was inspired by pure function which gives it that workwear look and feel. The fabric is tough, stiff, and most importantly durable. This piece will last the test of time and continue to build its own unique characteristics as the wearer works it into its individual form.

Hold on, there's more.

On this garment you will find special details that may not be noticed upon first inspection.
There are small crosses made by stitching into the collars button holes. There is one handmade brass button with inscriptions, hand sewn on this garment. Finally in true Estate Family Guilds practice, each piece is individually numbered in an edition of 13. You will find them on the under side of the hand printed grosgrain tape looptag labels . 

Each are hand made in Downtown Canada.

These may all be sold out - but we have next season on its way, with more cut and sew to be had.


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