Monday 3 December 2012

0 Winter Collection Details

This season we came strong with the cut and sew. With only one tee in the mix the collection is dominated by our own cuts. As always, our cut and sewn pieces are all fabricated by hand in Canada.
On the DISSIDENT jacket we took our much loved ROSES button-up shirt and altered it to have a slightly bigger collar, larger yoke and constructed it in a heavy poly/wool fabric. The fabric we chose is actually two different colours of the fabric fused together to make a 2-tone, super heavy duty blend that will keep you warm and last for years
The simple yet rugged workwear inspired jacket uses the materials duality of colour to give contrast on the yoke which transitions up on to the under collar.
As usual, another detail we add to our garments are the completely hand made brass buttons. These start as a drawing, that Roses then hand carves out of wax, casts in brass, then sands and polishes. The finished button is then hand sewn one by one on each garment. This seasons buttons were designed to form a pentagram when sewn onto the garment by the thread. These buttons were utilized in four different garments and in two different sizes. This is more than likely something that most people will overlook, but for the ones who know, and/or care to know, its something that makes our garments special.
The New Monogram Tee
With regards to t-shirts this season, weve created the new monogram breast print shop shirt. Each shop has their own backprint this season.  Based on Masonic and Russian motif, this paired down breast print looks really nice with the rest of the cut and sew!

Stay tuned in to the blog and Facebook cause we have tons of more tees coming your way! Releasing every month on the 13th of every month!

Naysayer Wool Sweater
This piece is one of our favorites The wool used is 100% virgin lambs wool. Which for those of you who don't know, means it's the first coat ever shaved from a young lamb. Its super soft and incredibly warm. The wool is imported from Italy and fabricated at our manufacturer in Toronto. This raglan sleeved hooded sweater has two handmade brass buttons accenting the henley neck line.
The Button Toque also has these same button details sewn on by hand.

Naysayer Crewneck Sweatshirt
This sweatshirt continues the raglan sleeve cut found throughout the collection and comes in two colour ways, both in french terry.
The fabric is sewn using a baseball stitch technique, giving the garment 'Frankenstein' looking seams.
Across the back is an arched print that reads NAYSAYER.

These small details might often get overlooked, but non the less important to touch on.


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